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Beef & Lamb Farms

We us a Kent based abbatoir that personally select beef and lamb from local farms.

Barradale Farm Eggs
Just Cutts Butchers are proud to be selling these Maidstone based free range eggs that come from some of the finest chickens in the county.

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Just Cutts | Markets Markets

Smithfield Meat Market
Still the main source for butchered meat in England. Just Cutts have their own butcher who travels up to the market four times a week to select only the best cuts to sell in the shop. Items such as Duck Breast and Offal are purchased on an almost daily basis to keep everything fresh and at the peak of its quality.

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Just Cutts | Wholesalers Wholesalers

Weddel Swift
Based in Canterbury Weddel Swift is a big national company that provide excellent quality English pork, beef and lamb. Weddel Swift delivers daily to Just Cutts Butchers.

J F Edwards
Based on Smithfield Meat Market, J F Edwards are well established meat cutters that have been on the market for many years.

James Burden
Smithfield based poultry suppliers. Burdens provide Just Cutts Butchers with farm asssured and free range chickens.

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Just Cutts | Specialists Specialists

Necci Game
based in Staplehurst Necci Game supply Just Cutts Butchers with prime quality rabbits, pheasants, venison and other rare game.

Stephens Fresh Foods
Based in Lordswood, Stephens Fresh Foods have been making ham for over 35 years. They make the ham using locally sourced meat as well as quality imported European products like chorizo and pancetta. Click here for more information.

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