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Prime Sirloin Steak Rolled Topside Stek Mince | Made fresh on the premises

Just Cutts | BeefBeef

Just Cutts beef is locally sourced from a number of Kent farms. The beef is hung for seven days then arrives whole ready for Just Cutts staff to butcher the meat into its various cuts, but before we begin this process we hang the beef for another seven days.

Why do Just Cutts hang the beef again? The longer you hang beef, the longer the enzymes have to break down the muscle fibres, so the meat becomes increasingly tender. There is also some loss of moisture from the beef which helps to concentrate its flavour.

Along with cutting your beef exactly to your specification Just Cutts also prepare their own lean beef mince, meatballs and beef burgers with recipes that have existed for generations.

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Pork Chops Sausages Rolled and stuffed pork belly

Just Cutts | PorkPork

Just Cutts buy their pork from Smithfield’s Market. We generally buy whole pigs and butcher the pork on the premises. All of our pork is outdoor reared and quality assured. Rearing pigs outdoors makes the animals healthier and consequently the meat from the animal is tenderer and fuller flavoured.

The same high quality pork is used in our sausages which are prepared on the premises using a variety of fresh ingredients. We use natural skins to produce our sausages and recipes that have been successful for over twenty years.

Just Cutts can prepare sausages to your own requirements (e.g. Gluten Free) and specific recipes.

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Loins of Lamb Half leg of Lamb Barnsley Chops

Just Cutts | LambLamb

Just Cutts lamb is reared locally. We do also stock New Zealand lamb which is sourced from Smithfield's Market.

Because the lamb is delivered whole Just Cutts is able to cut and prepare the lamb exactly to your specification. With more unusual cuts such as : -

  • Lamb rump
  • French Trimmed Rack of Lamb
  • Crown Roast
  • Butterflied Leg
  • Noisettes

Just Cutts Butchers also prepare their own lamb burgers, lamb meatballs and lamb sausages.

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Whole Roaster Chicken Legs & Thighs Stuffed Chicken Breast

Just Cutts | PoultryPoultry

All of Just Cutts poultry is of 'Red Tractor British Quality' standard. We stock corn fed chicken which has a more golden yellow colour to it and tastes sensational.

Turkey is not just for Christmas!

We stock Turkey breast all year round. We also have Duck breast in stock and we can source 'Guinea Fowl' easily.

Having a BBQ? We supply drumsticks and thighs for any party occasion.

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Salt, Pepper & Spice Grinders Eggs Flava Glazes

Just Cutts | Other productsOther products

Just Cutts butchers supply speciality meats and seasonal products like :-

  • Local Pheasant (all year)
  • Wild Rabbit (Sep - Feb)
  • Venison (Sep - Feb)
  • Veal (all year)
  • Haggis
  • Local Ham
  • Goose Fat
  • Pork Scratching
  • Dripping
  • Eggs (local free range)

We cure our own pork for Dry Cure Bacon and Gammon Joints.

Just Cutts have also personally chosen a number of 'Flava Glazes', Spice Grinders and Sauce Mixes to enhance any meal.

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